One of common most overlooked risk associated with successful company initiatives are hidden intra-company and geopolitical barriers. Find out what to look for and how to overcome them.

Top 5 Barriers:

1. Hidden agendas associated with empire building and protection

2. Unbalanced internal and vendor alliances

3. Worldwide business cultures that appear to clash, but don’t … or – sometimes do

4. Tunnel vision or group-think

5. Unwillingness to embrace acceptable risk

Bottom line – what we find is that most of the time, these barriers boil down to a struggle of power, money and ego.

So, the trick is to identify the barriers quickly and succinctly so each can be addressed and mitigate the risk to your project.

It might sound cliché, but the real key is listening with an expert ear. What is it that your colleagues, bosses, and vendors are communicating? We dissect the data and apply the knowledge, in The MAS Model for Enterprise Operational Excellence, a model that marches a project quickly to success.

  1. What are some of the largest barriers you have encountered in bringing a corporate initiative to fruition?
  2. At what point, during the project phase, where these barriers identified? Was it early enough?
  3. Would you have done the project differently if the barriers were identified in the project earlier? Did you have the right people and processes in place to break down the barriers?