Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Mike Holland has current extensive experience in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space.  He is co-founder of the global Blockchain User Group a non-profit organization focusing on helping members connect with each other, learn about these new technologies and grow their business and/or personal skillsets.

With the advent of any new disruptive technology comes a host of new products, supporting technologies, and related services.  Unfortunately many of those items are suspect at best and outright scams at worst.

MAS has undertaken a mission to provide technical, functional and operational reviews of these new technologies from a business perspective.  We have developed a program to provide the following:

  • Provide “C” level “plain English” education regarding the pros and cons of investing in this game changing disruptive technology
  • Identification of competitor progress in utilization of Blockchain or Crypto technology
  • Analysis of corporate readiness for Blockchain or Crypto adoption
  • Development of Blockchain short and long term strategies
  • Identification of potential Blockchain or Crypto products or solutions that will help achieve business growth and goals
  • Determine “Buy v Build”
  • Establish budget and develop ROI metrics
  • Begin Design or Selection process

Our goal will be to help companies identify and plan for the impact of Blockchain and Crypto on their industries, competitive ability and corporate growth.  Since we do not sell any Blockchain or Crypto products (or any other technology for that matter) we can provide our clients with an unbiased and completely object analysis and plan.

At the end of the analysis we will deliver an overall assessment of Blockchain and Crypto technology fit to business goals, a comprehensive inventory of industry leading Blockchain or Crypto solutions, strategic plan for REAL production ready technology investments, and

Please email [email protected] to discuss these new technologies.