MAS Corp. is currently offering Enterprise Growth Programs to a limited and preselected group of companies in the Manufacturing and Distribution industries.

Companies participating in the EGP will receive a complementary in-depth analysis of their current business processes and technology investments to develop programs that help ensure they will be able to meet growth and profit goals.

We customize our analysis for each of the participants as well as identify key focus areas like:

  • Increasing profitable sales and market share,
  • Reducing inventory carrying costs,
  • Streamlining and enhancing their Supply Chain,
  • Effectively developing Blockchain technology solutions
  • Establishing a profitable direct to consumer eCommerce market;
  • And many others

Our goal will be to help companies use a combination of technology and process enhancement to address key areas such as those above.

At the end of the analysis we will deliver a comprehensive inventory of key business processes, technology investments, outline of enhancement opportunities and overall assessment of technology fit to business goals.

Please email [email protected] to discuss participation.