ROI and Performance Driven Results

MAS advisors have developed and deployed the innovative MEE model and methodologies in hundreds of projects over the past 25 years. C Level executives and their organizations have saved millions of dollars and achieved performance based operational excellence as a result of MAS advisory services.

Specialist experience and a common sense approach to analyze problems and identify opportunities has enabled MAS clients to develop strategic solutions that focus on what their' customers need tomorrow and how to deliver it today!

Ann-Michele Bowlin

Chief Information Officer, Intertek

“When we initially started working with Mike on a CRM project, he was recommended to our company to help us because of his product perspective and knowledge on what the product could do and what it could offer. Mike is very accustomed to the way the big firms operate, knows how to get to the right people and negotiate the best deals.  He is very effective in looking strategically at a business and knowing the right way forward.

Mike is very good at looking at and understanding different ways a business can develop partnerships.  He is very good at suggesting different avenues to save money.  He knows who to negotiate with and how, understand thresholds.  He knows how to save money on licensing without compromising the relationships.

As far as mitigating project risks; Mike asks a lot of questions and understand and speaks to what you need to be careful and cautious of in your business.

Regarding implementation; Mike is excellent at understanding a structure of a team, naming projects, licensing programs and setting up structures to ensure project success. The majority of time Mike spent has been on vendor selection.  Mike has not only used his knowledge to serve his clients but he has taught them how understand how to work with their vendors to continue successful partnerships.

Mike is very well networked and stays connected with clients and understands how to identify opportunities with all clients.  His interworking of organizations and connections has been valuable. He understands how to get more value out of the relationships through common markets, etc. and understand how his clients could work together.  Creating more opportunities and joining forces with others.”

Gene Rider

Principal, Exponent

MAS developed a CRM system for a company I was previously involved with. We started working with Mike to determine the best supplier and fit for our CRM needs.  It was decided the best solution at the time ended with the decision to use a Microsoft product.  The product had to be customized for our needs in order to be the right solution for us.

One of the most impressive things Mike did was to take the time to truly understand our organization and organizational needs.  Intertek was a large company with over 30k employees and 100 countries, and we had a very diverse company structure. Understanding was paramount to delivering the right solution.

Mike also did a great job negotiation the cost per seat w/ Microsoft and was able to secure an incredibly favorable package which included a 3 year implementation plan.”

Jan Boyer

Investor Private Equity

"Mike is world class. He has the rare combination of technical knowledge with a C-level understanding of the economic and strategic implications of his input and recommendations. Mike will engage at any depth of detail as part of a contract negotiation, fixing a problem, due diligence or client education yet always keep his focus on creating shareholder value. His work product is exceptional and the ROI to his clients is very compelling."

Lawrence Gingold

Business Architecture and Strategy, ASG Australia

"Mike assisted me in implementing PeopleSoft financials at New York Daily News. With his advice we worked together directing the core team and the technical team from PeopleSoft. It was up and running in three months, on time, on budget and no coded customisations! Now that's a good result. Mike ticks all the attribute boxes and his long career in advisory has only increased his core knowledge."

Trinh Abrell

Head of IT Solutions, Intertek

"Mike is a visionary with deep experience in strategic planning and business development. His hands-on philosophy ensures that delivery and execution while maintaining long term goals and strategies. As a manager, Mike challenges us to always go the extra mile at the same time providing the necessary support for us to succeed. Working for Mike is like a partnership, each of us having stake in our mutual success."

 Jim Lally, SPHR

Vice President, Infinity Information Systems

"I had the opportunity to work with and learn from Mike Holland over the past few years as we partnered on a global technology initiative for a joint client. During that time, I was fortunate to see Mike's many skills and talents in action. Mike is, without a doubt, one of the smartest, most dedicated and client-focused professionals I know. During our time working together I was repeatedly impressed by his abilities to blend strategic thinking and operational excellence to achieve results that not only bore fruit when conceived, but made a lasting impact for our client. Mike also proved himself to be a thoughtful mentor and dynamic leader. I cannot recommend Mike Holland highly enough. He is a true business visionary and a gifted partner to clients."

Mike Wilson

Director, Enterprise Applications at Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

"I highly recommend Mike Holland. Our company hired Mike and his firm to assist us with our Oracle implementation. Mike came on board and organized the effort. He led the implementation team and interfaced very successfully with all stakeholders. As a result, we were able to completed the implementation process. Great job, Mike!"

Marc Novik

Senior Business Intelligence Developer/Analyst, Anda, Inc.

"Mike is one of the premier technology consultants in the industry. His past experiences and Fortune 500 clientele speak for itself. Mike's knowledge of business, software and technology provide ideal solutions for his clients and their projects. I have worked on several projects with Mike and his company and they always deliver on-time and under budget. I would recommend Mike and his company for your next business technology engagement."

Dave Johnston, CPA, CISA, CRISC

Managing Director, The Precipio Group

"Mike provided ERP selection and implementation services during a period of more than a year at a mutual client. Mike is experienced and incisive, and gets results. Senior Management regarded him as a valuable advisor, and I recommend him highly."

Chuck Schaeffer

CMO and Director, Global CRM, Tectura

"Mike is one of the very few executives who balances business strategy and execution particularly well. Few consultants can both design and execute strategy that achieves predicted results, but that is clearly Mike's strength and he's been doing it for over two decades."

Andrew Vega

VP/CIO Technology Executive, Altadis USA/Imperial Tobacco (prior)

"I hired Mike for a couple of different projects revolving around Business Intelligence strategy and a custom Point-Of-Sale (POS) system."

"Mike brings many years of experience to the table and it showed in the multiple engagements I had with him. He is creative, resourceful and a good communicator / presenter, particularly with C-Level audiences."

"More significantly, the deliverables that Mike furnished us on both projects were exactly what we were looking for. I would definitely recommend him to any firm looking for solid, IT strategic and tactical-level expertise."

Rob Parker

Project Manager, Intertek

"Mike is an experienced consultant that delivers very valuable results in business strategy and contract negotiations. I would hire him again and look forward to working with him in the future."